Solar Rebates



Solar products are a proven means of significantly reducing your power costs. Solar rebates in Australia, have been making news the world over, providing home- and small business owners with an added incentive to reduce their carbon footprints and live sustainably. Solar Credits rebate, is a subsidy offering an up-front discount on the purchase of a solar power system. A rebate is a money that is returned to you from a purchase. That is a percentage, portion or agreed amount that is refunded or deducted from a total purchase price. Usually, it pertains to government schemes such as taxes or utilities.

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To put it simply, it’s a discount, usually from the government. To urge more individuals to introduce Solar energy products as alternate energy products, the government offers huge discounts to qualifying homeowners and business organizations.  Credit discount sums rely upon the span of the solar panels and the area of the home or business, however, are beneficial for the individuals who make the move to solar energy products. The guarantee of a discount has pulled in numerous individuals to take up sunlight based power in a previous couple of years, however, government-related matters, changes are bound to happen.

 This is why it’s so important to check resources like this regularly if solar energy is an investment that interests you. Government Rebate and Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs. This is the money side of installing domestic solar power, or how it impacts your wallet. We’ll also have a lighthearted look at the history of the solar industry here in Australia to provide a little perspective. Of course, there is a tremendous amount to know and learn about domestic solar power technology, the industry in Australia, the government’s involvement and what it all means for us as electricity consumers.

However, there is only a relatively small amount you need to know to get in the game successfully, save some hard-earned cash, and save the planet. The main thrust here is to remove all the language that otherwise requires degrees in electrical engineering and/or political science and economics. This will leave you, hopefully, with a clearer understanding of the core information required to make informed choices toward solar bliss and guide you on your exit from the ever-increasing, outrageous costs of power from our coal-driven electrical grid.


Rebates on Residential solar products


The government presently offers Small-Scale Technology Certificates, or STCs, to remunerate property holders who utilize sustainable sources. At the point when mortgage holders put resources into a qualified sun oriented power framework, wind control unit or sun-powered high temp water gadget, they will get STCs in view of the extent based upon the size of the energy efficient system and their location. These STCs are then sold to the individuals who produce power through non-renewable energy sources, either through you or your sun oriented board installer and are utilized to counterbalance the cost of your sunlight based board establishment. The number of STCs you can get rely upon where you live and which zone that falls into.


Rebates on commercial solar products


At the point when entrepreneurs introduce a sun-powered power framework, they can acquire significant reserve funds through the nation’s sun oriented credit rebate, which offers them a forthright discount.  Be watchful while acquiring sites for a sunlight based board framework. Solar panel installation can be an excellent money saver. Even in the winter, Australia receives an excessive amount of insolation – about 4kWh of sunlight exposure per square meter each day, with the northern regions receiving an estimated 6 kWh of insolation per day Get Free Quote