Solar Led Lighting


A solar lamp also is known as solar light or solar lantern is categorized in lighting solar products composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and there may also be an inverter. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of the solar photovoltaic panel. Solar led lighting technology delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your space with minimal investment and maintenance. Solar led lighting now saying goodbye to haziness at night and expensive power bills.



GHT based controlled LED lighting arrangements outfit the sun's energy to give top-notch brightening to indoor and outdoor. LED is usually used as lighting source of modern solar street light, as the LED will provide much higher Lumens with lower energy consumption. The energy consumption of LED fixture is at least 50% lower than HPS fixture which is widely used as a lighting source in Traditional street lights. LEDs lack warm-up time also allows for use of motion detectors for additional efficiency gains. This leap forward innovation conveys an advantageous, reasonable approach to light your space with the insignificant venture and support with our solar products.

Solar Street Lights and Street Lighting Kits outlined and built in Australia to run throughout the night in any climate conditions –


Solar products
Solar products

Solarify is a leading name in solar road lighting plan.


We supply the most solid, vandal and condition safe accessible. Utilized for lanes, roadways, crossing points, auto parks, bicycle trails and ways.

We have a scope of sun-powered road lights to suit any application. Regardless of whether your task is a little roadway or way, or a vast auto stop, we have demonstrated sun based controlled answers for suiting your venture, produces the same or preferred lighting levels.

Solar products
Solar products
  • Solar led lighting reduces energy consumption, protects our environment and saves each and every one of us money on our electricity bills – up to 84% in fact. LED light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than the traditional lighting in most of our homes and offices. Solar LED lighting is a cost-effective technology that easily provides economical and environmental benefits by lower down the energy requirement.


  • Solar light emitting diode (LED) lights work more efficiently and effectively. However, solar LED lights have a longer lifespan so there is no need to change the lamps and bulbs for a long time and these lights are more reliable in nature. These solar products have a low maintenance cost and very efficient, economical and environment-friendly. Bulbs and lamps disposal issues are eliminated due to the long life of led lights. The greatest savings are generated when the right LED’s are incorporated in the design phase. In all over the world, there is rapid adoption of solar led lighting and this will help to reduce the electricity bills of business organizations and homes.


  • Solarify LED lighting is more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting than induction and gas-discharge fluorescent lighting as well as competing LED products. Solarify solar lighting has championed the use of LEDs in everything from domestic bulbs. Its solar lights are brighter than most rivals. The wall light has a big solar panel on top, meaning you get more light for longer from the LED for a good six hours. It’s simple to set up and has great build quality. Most solar panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source. Solar streetlights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than one night if the sun is not available for a couple of days. Older models included lamps that were not fluorescent or LED. Solar lights installed in windy regions are generally equipped with flat panels to better cope with the winds.