Offgrid Solar Packages

Off-Grid Solar System

 An off Grid Solar System is a set up that produces electricity using solar energy and are independent of the power grid. It is also known as stand-alone solar power as they are completely independent of the conventional power grid used for generating power.

In an off Grid Solar System, the power generation is completely dependent on solar energy and the power stored on the battery cells, the battery banks used are typically larger than regular ones. It is a reliable and cost-effective way of generating power as one need to charge when the sun is shining and also store energy for use when the days are cloudy.

Battery Banks:

There will be days when the sun will not shine and clouds will be throughout the day, it is during these gloomy days the battery banks comes to save. Store excess power during sunny days and use it to power load when the days are cloudy.

Before getting battery banks for your off-grid solar system it is of utmost importance to know about battery storage capacity and how long will the battery last. Depending on the need one should get the right battery banks with the right capacity, batteries with high capacity and low power rating will deliver low power whereas batteries with low capacity and high power rating will run all throughout the day.

The basic components needed for setting up an off-grid solar system are

  • Solar Panel.
  • Charger controller.
  • Battery Banks
  • Inverter


Solar Panels:

These panels are responsible for converting solar energy into electrical energy when light falls upon them. The solar panel power ranges from 3W to 130 W, as the off-grid solar system is used to replace all your electrical supply needs, it is recommended to use panels with high capacity so that it can fulfill all your power needs otherwise you will have a hard time trying to keep all your electronic items running.


Charger Controller:

A charger controller in the off-grid solar system is the regulator that regulates the flow of electricity, it limits the current that is drawn from the batteries. It is the most inexpensive component in the entire solar set up. But it is always wise to get a good regulator that can withstand the flow of current as it will save your expensive batteries from damage and also increase the lifespan of your battery banks.


The electricity generated by the solar panels are DC in nature and the current supplied to our houses are AC, so we need to convert the DC into AC and this is done by using a device called inverter.

However, there are certain advantage and disadvantage of an off-grid solar system which has been further discussed below.



Independent of the Utility Grid:

The advantage of an off-grid solar system is that one can be completely independent of the utility grid and use the power generated by the solar panels and energy stored in battery banks.


No Electricity Bill:

Since your power needs will be fulfilled by using solar panels and stored energy in battery banks thus avoiding involvement of the utility power grid, one need not pay any electricity bills as power is totally generated using solar energy.