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Solarify is a reliable solar power company that helps lower your electricity bill for your commercial or premises.


Lower Your Electricity Bill and Save With a Premium Solar System for Your Home or Business!

Solarify one of the leading solar power companies in Australia was incorporated in the year 2017. Our name, Solarify in itself reflects our association with the solar industry and adept ability to assist home and offices in aspects pertaining to renewable solar power. The company, focuses on the key to creating renewable energy products, thereby making the environment greener.

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With rising demands of solar products in the market, we wanted to offer something exceptionally high quality to our customers. We combined our cutting edge technology, profound industrial skills, and customer experience, to establish a company that builds affordable solar solar solutions for all Australias. What makes us unique from our competitors in the industry is the fact that we learned from the mistakes of the top retailers in Australia. Our quality assured products and our commitment to client satisfaction, makes us stand tall in the domain.

Making premium quality solar reasonable

Our strong vendor supplier network puts us in an unshakeable position. We procure the best of products from well-established suppliers and offer them at affordable prices with the lowest installation prices. Quality is our benchmark, and we guarantee that you won’t have to compromise on it while using our products. We source additional components and inverters from world’s top manufacturers. Our wide range is suitable for both home and business needs. Our technicians and product installation mechanics utilize CEC approved equipment for all installation, repair and maintenance works. The solar panel brought to you by us offers 25 years output guarantee and 10-year product warranty. Our annual maintenance service and warranty schemes are dealt in a prompt and efficient manner.

The team will help you select the best panel system to ensure the highest return on investment. We will also guarantee the regular preventative and corrective maintenance of your system to ensure that it continues to operate at the highest efficiency over the course of its life.

Intelligent PowerShift

Solarify,a top-notch player in the solar industry is growing strength by strength over the time. It is enabling several homes and businesses to join the bandwagon of solar power generation. As compared to conventional electricity sources, solar solutions are less expensive. Australia is leading the race to help create a clean energy future for upcoming generations. For Australians, the main factors that attract them to embrace solar solution are lower electricity bills and long-term energy reliability.

Custom designed solutions with a maximized return on investment.

Our intelligence-driven approach provides you with a customized solar proposal, keeping in mind your current electricity usage and home or business power needs. We do not aim at just selling our product to you, but rather focus on maximizing your return on investment by designing an apt solar system. Taking into consideration your budget, we ensure we provide you with a need-based system.

The success that is self-proclamatory

In an industry, where there is no dearth of environmental and political changes,Solarify has continued to find a foothold. We have garnered an appreciable clientele, including big commercial projects facilitating renowned affiliates and builders. Unlike other, we have in-depth expertise in installing commercial PV Systems. Some of the unconventional solar systems installed across Australia are ground, mounted,off-grid solar systems, flat roof ballast weight, microinverter systems and battery-operated ones.