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If you are aware of the current rate of environmental degradation being inflicted by the humans, then you must also be aware of the need of measures that have to be taken to save it. One of these measures could be the adoption of Solar energy solutions in your households.

Affordable solar products to power your world

Trust Solarify for all your affordable Solar power requirements!

Solarify is an innovation-led green energy company providing high-quality technology solutions to homes and business across Australia with the quick return on investment.

To enable ourselves to achieve mutual benefits, we have partnered with the world's best manufacturers of solar panels, inverters, batteries and related accessories.

We have put together a term of fully trained professionals of the highest caliber who assess your requirements and put together an energy solution that will be tailored to your specific requirements.


Solar System installion made easy
Savings by Solar System Installation
Solar System Cost, it is not expensive
Solar Energy, new income source for middle class

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  • twopeople 1-2 people Energy Consumption
    $100- $300 per quarter
  • fourpeople 2-4 people Energy Consumption
    $300- $500 per quarter
  • fourpluspeople 4+ people Energy Consumption
    $500 + per quarter
  • Savings
  • System Size
  • Panel Brand
  • Panel Wattage
  • Inverter Brand
  • Inverter Warranty
  • Finanace Avialable
  • Monitoring Option
  • Description
  • Economy
  • Saveings $300 - $550
  • System Size 1.5KW
  • Panel BrandLightway
  • Panel Wattage6 X 250 W
  • Inverter BrandZeversolar Eversol TL2000
  • Inverter Warranty5 Year
  • Finanace Avialable
  • Monitoring OptionNo
  • Description Economy 1-2 people
  • Premium
  • Saveings $700 - $1000
  • System Size 3KW
  • Panel BrandLightway
  • Panel Wattage12X 250 W
  • Inverter BrandZeversolar Evershine TL3000
  • Inverter Warranty5
  • Finance Available
  • Monitoring OptionNo
  • Description Premium 2-4 people
  • Premium+
  • Savings $1100 - $1800
  • System Size 5KW
  • Panel BrandLightway
  • Panel Wattage20X 250 W
  • Inverter BrandZeversolar Evershine TL5000
  • Inverter Warranty5 Years
  • Finanace Avialable
  • Monitoring OptionOptional
  • Description Premium-Plus 4 + people

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$700- $1000/ Year
3KW system

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